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NEW! RibCage GoPro Conversion Kit

Get your GoPro Hero 3 out of the cupboard, dust it off and send it to us to convert into a powerful new machine that can take all your existing lenses

Find out more Click Here: http://www.coordinategear.com/gopro-convert/


With a growing number of people leading active lifestyles and travel becoming more accessible there is an increased demand to carry more equipment and therefore better bags to store, carry and protect all your gear. This growing demand has meant an explosion of bags but with the disadvantage of each bag working on their own and often not very practical when needing to be carried together or used for a multitude of activities. This is where the Coordinate Gear system stands out from the others. With a range of stylish and versatile bags that can be used on their own or with the core PIONEER backpack giving you the flexibility to quickly and easily scale up to carry more equipment or scale down to carry just the bare essentials . This system means you can have your gear organized and ready to go by simply inserting or attaching the bags to the PIONEER, quickly making it easy to keep on the move while keeping all your gear at hand.



The core of the Coordinate Gear System.

A backpack small enough for everyday commuting or a day out but still large enough to use as a cabin hand luggage backpack and carry all the equipment you will need for a getaway. You can increase the volume of the bag by attaching other modules to it. As cabin hand luggage the PIONEER has a perfect carry on luggage laptop compartment with easy access for the security checks.

Learn more about the PIONEER



A Shoulder SLR Camera Bag.Carry it over your shoulder using a shoulder strap or put it inside The PIONEER to carry it on your back.

Learn more about the NOMAD


 NOMAD Camera Bag



Casual Messenger or SLR Camera Bag.Well built and padded walls to protect your items.
Removable dividers makes this a very versatile messe
nger bag creating space for other items including iPad

Learn more about the EXPLORER


Versatile iPad bag great for day to day commuter use.Padding to help protect your items.
Room for a book , compact camera , kindle, notepads , keys , wallet and more

Learn more about the EDITOR


 EDITOR Shoulder Bag

 Scout Action Camera Bag


An action or compact camera bag. Designed this with GOPRO and DRIFT Cameras in mind. Fits comfortably on your back leaving you with freedom of movement

Learn more about the SCOUT


If during your 5 Year Adventure Warranty you have any unexpected hangups, simply let us know and we will either repair or replace your bag.


The camera cases are made from waterproof Coorditech PU coated Nylon which is the same grade the military use only we have developed it for action adventures. It is a strong, durable and water resistant material that will protect your gear.

We don’t stop there because we line the inside of the bags with Ripstop Nylon to add strength and durability. Every bag has at least one layer of 3mm padding for structure and the camera bags have thicker, crash proof padding to protect your valuables.

Free Postage on all bags bought. Other items may have a postage charge.


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